Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon - Belleville, MI

I did not feel like any of the limited usual Belleville options so my husband suggested here. I figured why not.

The decor here is trashy faux Texan. A lot of tin and a neon sign stating *Don't mess with Texas*. Children are apparently allowed to run wild without a word said about it. Our table and the drinks menu on it were sticky and our waitress was a study in how to accomplish the barest minimum without a hint of friendliness.

The food was ok. I guess I have odd expectations. For instance when I ask for a sweet potato with butter, cinnamon and sugar I do not expect to have to dump out a good quarter cup of cinnamon sugar onto a bread plate to make it edible. Who puts that much raw sugar on their sweet potato?

We had to wait forever for bread and when we got it it was very doughy and clearly undercooked, by the time we got it we were leaving at any rate. Refills were like pulling teeth and finally a manager got me more, my husband however, never got any despite his glass going empty for over 15 minutes after my refill..

The fried shrimp was your average selection but tasty with the cocktail sauce, my husband seemed to enjoy his grilled. The steak medallions were cooked to order and had an optional garlic butter sauce that I liked but my husband was not jazzed about at all, they were just ok. The BBQ chicken breast was a throwaway, very bland BBQ and rather forgettable, served cold to boot.

I got a huge pile of mashed potatoes doctored up with bacon and cheese, they were cold though. My husband opted for the au gratins and he was less than impressed. Just not what I know as au gratin more like a slightly cheesy and undercooked scalloped.

Overall just not anything that will have us rushing back. Fairly typical chain, not cheap either. Good portions but not done with any quality.

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