Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bagger Dave's - Ann Arbor, Michigan

I saw this place on a run to Moe's (the Ann Arbor one is superior to the Allen Park one) and I had to try it.

We decided to meet my parents there and try a variety of food. Before we went I had my mother join their eClub as her birthday is coming up soon. She recieved a free bowl of chili for joining and I will update and share what they give for a birthday or an anniversary as they ask for both dates. You can also join the eClub here for various discounts and freebies: .

Bagger Daves is a simple concept, burgers with a bazillion toppings and fries and things you can make using products you stock for those two things. It is an unassuming place apparently with a train theme, I didn't notice much of it but they do have a train that runs along the middle divider. It is strictly casual and very kid friendly. A big warning is they serve peanut butter as well as fry everything in peanut oil so if you have nut allergies I would not stop in. We waited for a table for about 10 minutes on a Saturday night, not too bad.

A regular burger here is two 3.5 oz patties and starts at $4.49 for beef. You can get a small with just one patty, turkey burgers and Gardenburger black bean burgers as options. There is a small sandwich selection; Sloppy BBQ, Grilled Cheese, Grilled Egg, California BLT and two peanut butter options. There are a few different salads (Garden, Cobb or Caesar) which are available with two hamburger or two turkey burger patties for 2.00 which is nice.

Sides include the Turkey Black Bean Chili, Belgian twice fried style Idaho Potato Fries and Dave's Sweet Potato Chips. The Sweet Potato Chips come with either a honey, cinnamon and sea salt mixture or a honey mustard sauce and are tasty with either. The fries are nice but not as spectacular as I hoped. The chili was excellent with some cheese, sour cream and onion added, really amazing for turkey chili, very hearty and beef like.

I had a double burger with mozzarella, two different types of lettuce, basil, tomato, onion (fresh and sauteed), mushrooms and a bit of balsamic vinaigrette. It did not need the nice plain bun. Absolutely delicious. My husband had the Bacon BBQ Burger on Honey Wheat minus the grilled onions and was quite pleased. He said the BBQ matched nicely with the sharp cheddar. My father ate a basic bacon sharp cheddar burger on sesame with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mayo. He said it was much better than he expected as he had feared pre-pressed patties and dryness. These are hand formed and juicy. My mom went for the baby single burger with just about every veggie topping and raved about the Honey Wheat bun, my husband agreed with her on that score.

Overall we were very impressed. Decent service, good burgers, nice sides.

They have desserts here. Like the rest of the items, very straightforward. Shakes with ice cream or yogurt with plenty of mix in options, Ice Cream Sundaes, Root Beer Float, Brownie or Cookie (chocolate chip or sugar).

If you are looking for variety you will not find it here but if you are looking for tasty burgers and fried fun then give it a whirl.
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