Sunday, August 10, 2008

Steve's Family Dining II - Livonia, Michigan

I have been going to Steve's since it's first location off of Five Mile road. This place is a huge step up in size as well as atmosphere but the food is still the same deliciousness and the waitresses still do a great job. I do not have a coupon link for you, nor do I believe they have ever had coupons but the prices are so reasonable you will not need them.

I will concede that the best of the best Polish cuisine is found in the Hamtramack area, I will not get into which of those restaurants is best as that is up for some debate. Those can be an out of the way hike for some, particularly with gas prices what they are. This spot in the burbs is a great bargain with quite good food though.

My favorite dish at Steve's is the Polish Combo, a flexible affair that can please anyone's taste buds. It comes with three pierogi, your choice of cheese, potato, kraut or a combo of three. I love the cheese but my mom swears by the kraut. Another choice for the plate is between the City Chicken or the Stuffed Cabbage. You also get a big link of kielbasa which is juicy and delicious. City Chicken, for those who do not know, is not chicken at all but is cubed pork, veal or beef loin on a skewer that is breaded then cooked, forming a light gravy with it. It is tasty and I prefer it to the Cabbage but my dad would argue with me on that. There is so much on the plate we almost always have big leftovers to pack up. They also give you a big basket of rye bread with refills too, you will not leave hungry I guarantee you.

The pierogi are good but I am a snob, I only love homemade. If you want the best in your life go to the Plymouth Fall Festival and visit the Polish Dancer's booth. I will write my best advice for food at that event at a later time though.

A must try at Steve's is the Dill Pickle Soup. You can get a cup at a meal for 50¢ which is bowl sized. I must confess I am so addicted I get the massive plate sized bowl of it for 1.50 instead. The bonus is I always take more than half my dinner home with me. The other soups are good but this is special to me so I nearly always get it.

This food is simple, filling and more than reasonably priced. I think anyone would find something to enjoy. If you are a fan of good polish food or just like nice hearty cuisine, try Steve's. A real bargain.
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