Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sean O'Callaghan's - Plymouth, MI

I started coming here when they first opened. In the beginning they had really amazing, hearty food. They had a chicken sandwich on a crusty bread that was to die for with zesty slaw and the sourest pickles that I have never quite forgiven them for axing off the menu to be honest.

The last meal I had in there was with my entire family. We all had issues with our food and it was a disaster, not that the staff minded any but still. The staff is unfriendly, inefficient and borderline incompetent. Grossly overpriced food badly done is the ultimate restaurant sin in my book, compound it with the fact no one cared enough to address problems properly after complaints and well guess who will never go back?

The burgers in here are ten bucks. Seriously. Not a great burger but a simple bacon burger is ten bucks. For ten bucks I want something special.

I had a Shaved Prime Rib sandwich that was so fatty I could barely eat it, skimpy portioned too. All that for 13.50. Wait, they also charged me 3.00 extra for a small cup of curry dip to eat overdone chips aka fries with. Chewy and tasteless.

My dad had the Corned Beef and Cabbage. 12.50 for a rather sad plate of underdone veggies with a meager helping of beef. Rather bland to boot. I easily make better in a freaking crock pot.

For 9.50 my husband had Irish Breakfast. They were out of bacon aka rashers so they merely didn't put it on the plate. My husband had to complain and then they told him they were out. He had to actually make the suggestion they substitute something for the missing meat. He was highly annoyed because he wanted the bacon and would not have ordered it at all if he knew they had none. His toast was overdone and his potatoes as all veggies at O'Callaghans were underdone.

My mother had the only decent dish of the day but of course had to wait for it while the rest of us ate our food. By the time hers came we were done except James, who was finally getting his substitute bangers for his missing rashers. The Shepherd's pie was tasty and we all drooled as she ate it in jealousy.

Everything is extra here. They nickle and dime you into a very expensive final tab and frankly the food is so not worth it. I would avoid it, even if you have a great coupon. I have no respect for poor service and less for management that fails to address basic complaints. I will never be back.
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